FBI Lovebirds Strzok & Page iPhones Wiped Clean By Mueller’s Deceitful Investigators

The Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has just released a report on its investigation regarding the recovery of text messages from FBI mobile devices owned by former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Both Strzok and Page, who were involved romantically, played key roles in the Special Counsel Office’s investigation into Russian collusion witch hunt.

The text messages will never see the light of day because Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office unlawfully wiped them clean before handing them over to investigators. According to the IG report, Mueller’s team is specifically responsible for the scrubbing of the Strzok phone, while the explanation for how Page’s phone was wiped is a bit unclear.

The IG report says the investigation into missing texts began when the office learned of a “gap” in the archiving of the texts, particularly those related to Strzok’s and Page’s Apple iPhones.

More and more details are pouring out about the underhanded conspiracy to damage and impeach President Donald Trump by Obama operatives John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and a few others. The effort even has a special code name: Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

The text messages for both Strzok and Page are gone, according to a new inspector general’s report. The Mueller team is specifically responsible for the scrubbing of the Strzok phone, while the explanation for the Page phone is a bit more muddied.

They used Peter Strzok as their go-to guy, which is why their operation is now falling apart. Strzok’s massive illegal activities and incompetence could open up the entire Crossfire Hurricane team to numerous federal charges.

Both John Brennan and James Comey used Peter Strzok to damage President Donald Trump. Strzok is the disgraced FBI agent and fired Robert Mueller team member whose text messages with mistress Lisa Page form the biggest scandal in FBI history. The lovers conspired to illegally bring down Trump, all while the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign.

Strzok interviewed Hillary Clinton, without putting her under oath, and granted immunity to Cheryl Mills and Clinton’s other associates right before he flew to London to meet with Christopher Steele to work on the anti-Trump dossier, which was sponsored by the Clinton-funded firm Fusion GPS. That dossier was used to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants to surveil Trump Tower. Barack Obama read bits of the dossier in his daily presidential briefings, courtesy of Brennan. Fusion GPS, meanwhile, sent operatives into Trump Tower to entrap Don Jr. and Jared Kushner in a meeting with planted Russians.

When it was time for the conspirators to focus on Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, Strzok was there to run information about the adviser to the Australians. When it was time to take out Trump’s national security adviser General Michael Flynn, Strzok was there to stage an “ambush” interrogation of Flynn without Flynn’s lawyer present.

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