It’s Right To Dislike Traitors

TraitorsDear friends, lets stop and consider the following circumstances surrounding the rule by a long line of elected and bureaucratic traitors relative to the damage they have inflicted to the foundational principles upon which the nation was founded and to the people whom they purport to represent, but do not. Consider the following and then ponder the grievous hurt that they have done to society, to your well-being, and to your freedom and liberty:

They have stolen the future by invading the nation’s homes and schools to preempt parental authority and to seize control of your children. They have indoctrinated the youth of the nation in regard to the instilling of condemnable values and morality, and they have led them to a socialistic purpose and instilled in them a hatred for the virtues of a Capitalistic Republic based upon individual freedom.

These have preempted the fruits of your labors with confiscatory taxes, and they have stolen your monies in a redistribution of wealth that rewards indolence and sloth and penalizes personal industriousness.

But, we’re not done yet dear reader these treasonous malefactors have systematically destroyed the institutions that formally guaranteed your freedom from tyranny and replaced them with despotism, millions of bureaucratic and legislative writs, decrees, and oppressive laws that regulate your every endeavor and subject you to the caprices of judicial activists. They have transformed the amendments of the Bill of Rights, nullified Habeas Corpus, and destroyed imminent domain.

I’m not done, and neither are they. I won’t be satisfied until these criminals have been removed from any semblance of authority over me and a righteous people. I won’t be satisfied unless or until they have been charged, prosecuted and adjudicated as the guilty malefactors they are. And they won’t be satisfied until they have established iron control of every aspect of the millions of lives under their dominance and cemented that control by unapproachable totalitarian authority. When they fully attain that iron control they will enforce their edicts by incarceration or death, why should I not demand any less of them for the crimes that they have committed against the people of this nation?

Now, I ask you my friends if criminals were to enter your home to molest your children, steal your personal property, bind your freedom, and kidnap and enslave you to their rule wouldn’t you want to see them pay the penalty for their criminality? Shouldn’t we hate criminalism and want to see it punished and shouldn’t we hold in revulsion and detestation the perpetrators of those who grievously come against us with intent to do us harm? If you answered no to either of these questions your are an odd person and inclined to masochism, and you will do well under the totalitarian socialist order that is rapidly becoming a reality by the efforts of the traitors who reign.

I do not advocate kangaroo justice for these traitors who have no constitutional authority for their unconstitutional acts, but I do advocate for their removal from office and their prosecution for the treason that they have committed; prosecute them, and let them know that you hate them enough to defend yourself if attacked. These self professed Progressives are Marxist Communists and Fascists who are destroying our economy and have destroyed the lives of millions for power, and they will continue to do so, unless we strongly excoriate them individually while repudiating every single word of their unconstitutional attempt at governance.

One last strong admonition: the failure of our economy was due to government imposition of Marxism and had nothing to do with Capitalism. Marxism is by definition unconstitutional and has always resulted in slavery and the execution of millions.

If you don’t hate these Marxist Progressive Traitors, then you are a Damn Fool, or One of them.

Written by Andrew Wallace.

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